Hallowe’en Abseil ??? 27th October 2018 ???

Have you ever wondered what lurks inside the mysterious Lift Tower? There are many horror stories of what has happened down the deep dark lift shafts.

Now you can come and see for yourself as this year we are opening the doors ??for the first ever scary Abseil.

This is an opportunity to experience 3 indoor abseils inside the World’s Tallest Abseil Tower. Who knows who ?‍♂️ or what ????you will meet as you face your fears………?️

To secure a place on this scary adventure book via our website: info@extremeabseil.com £100 per person.

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  1. Mrs Collette Howseman says:

    Please could you send me your e-mail address as sending a message to info@extremeabseil.co.uk has bounced back to me. Many thanks.

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